Plasma Surface Interaction Codes (PSIC)

A Tcl/Tk interface to plot sputtering yields (using gnuplot) for any monoatomic target material for any incident ion. Its back-end is a set of FORTRAN (g77, should work for any FORTRAN) subroutines for Physical Sputtering, Chemical Sputtering and Radiation Enhanced Sublimation. The subroutines implement semi-empirical formulae for the various Plasma Surface Interactions.

You can download the sources, and use the subroutines in your programs freely since PSIC is copyrighted under the GNU General Public License. A tar-gzipped postscript version of the technical report (IPR/TR-67/2000) which is a installation guide, a user manual and also explains the various erosion processes in some detail is available for download here. Note that this document is dated and the subroutines for PSI in PSIC has been cleaned and re-engineered and a few new subroutines added). The new subroutines and new example has been accepted for publication in Computer Physics Communications and is available for download here.

Latest Changes

Thanks to Xavier Bonnin for many suggestions that definitely improved the subroutines 23-05-2004 Manoj

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